Network Operations - AS41753

Quality of Service Networks Sweden AB | Telelocation Sverige AB

You have reached AS41753, an ISP and content provider based in Stockholm Sweden.
We provide services accessed by numerous domestic and international users daily

Private Peering Facilities
Stockholm, Stokab, KN7
Stockholm, IP-Only, SESTO1095

Public Peering Exchange Points

STH-A -- MTU1500
STH-A -- MTU4470 v4:
STH-B -- MTU1500 v4:
STH-B -- MTU4470 v4:

Our peering policy is built around common sense and should not come as a surprise for anyone.
We apply some common rules and policies on new and existing peering sessions:

  • We will only peer with public ASNs.
  • MD5 is supported and preferred.
  • We require contact info to a NOC and the team responsible for peering.
  • Prefixes more specific than /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6) will be filtered.
  • Peer shall not point a default route and/or static routes towards AS41753.
  • Peer shall not advertise prefixes learnt from other peers.
  • Peer shall not advertise AS41753 prefixes to other peers.
  • Peer shall use the peering session(s) for all traffic destined towards the AS41753 network.
  • When peering at multiple locations we will adhere to hot-potato routing.
  • We take liberty in shutting down peering sessions, both temporarily and permanently, should we feel the need for it (for instance flapping sessions).
  • We reserve the right not to peer if you are a downstream customer of one or several of our existing peering partners.

This policy is a guideline and we do not guarantee that a peering session will be established even if the above requirements are met. That said, please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions or if you would like to establish a peering session.

Prefixes announced to peers and customers (with the exception of when announced to customers) will be tagged with various BGPv4 communities that can be interpreted using the guide below

Community Description
41753:1 Pure Origin
41753:100 Customer Prefix
41753:799 All prefixes learnt by peering
41753:701 All prefixes learnt by peering to SOLIX
41753:702 All prefixes learnt by peering to STHIX
41753:703 All prefixes learnt by peering to NETNOD
41753:599 All prefixes learnt from transit providers